Ongoing Project
Citizen gardener

colouring plants, plants from different locations
in collaboration with the Laboratorium at KASK/School of Arts Ghent, BE

Following our shared interest in gardens as a possibility to shape a space and as a starting point, we started studying how plants greet and what knowledge is shared among them. While taking a walk in different places, either visiting dear Piet Oudolf, scrolling through images of flowers on the internet, or exploring Ghent’s suburbs while passing fast food restaurants, we collect the seeds from the different sites and domesticate them in the studio and in the greenhouse at KASK. Studying seasonality, transformation and change with care, we observe closely what kind of choreography for an exhibition is suggested by the groups of flowers. In any case, we find ourselves dealing with texture of movement. What is found are fixed arrangements, like we fix colours. Different kinds appear just once. By putting the seeds into soil once again, we form groups of friends, hoping for the flowers to emerge in muteness again. The way a visitor finds the movement between different states, containers, sites and oneself becomes part of a walk. This is how we start to draw an exhibition as a garden, which is shaped on site.

What is the duration of a seed becoming a plant? How do plants influence the choreography of an exhibition and how it similarly leads our daily gaze? What tools should a citizen gardener have? Only plants have lived long enough to listen to the city carefully, to the howl of engines, while the concrete and tires keep on discussing. The process that it takes to grow the plants is embedded in the exhibition, suggesting to head towards a future that is shaped by attentiveness and care coated by the warmth of friendship and complicity. Considering that plants have a secret opinion too, this proposal intends to unfold a sensation as part of the characteristics of space. Therefore, we start a dialogue between flowers, colours and materials which lies in various surfaces smoothed by our daily gaze.

Gintaute Skvernyte (LT) and Sina Hensel (GER)

IMG_1048 Kopie.jpg