Slippery quality of being

What is the duration of a cigarette being smoked, of a seed becoming a plant, of a washed fabric to dry, of a cucumber becoming a scent, of an envelope becoming a memory?

My works all bear the notion of transformation and the passing of time. The gentle observation of quotidian events underlines how unremarkable situations can be compelling acts, associated with a complex infrastructure of environmental relationships. Whether I grow colouring plants from seeds in a greenhouse or different types of algae whose biomass will dye fabric, whether I produce pigment from smoke or a scent out of cucumber, the actions that take place beforehand to gather material are embedded in the layers of paint.

A sediment of time or a pre-oil equation.

My studio becomes a place of cohabitation, the different species acting as my accomplices while I work, they study me while I study them. One material is there for or because of the other. Sometimes, these growth processes can take years, without following any code of efficiency, yet shaping and smoothing the daily gaze. The works, dealing with the texture of transformation and clothed in light, are bound to alter. Ambient processes that support change, seasonality and care are my interest. The dialectics of object and subject can no longer be taken in their simple reciprocity since both depend upon one another. Isn’t some matter an old intimacy lost in the shade of memory? However, the works themselves talk softly, they are images of rest and quiet, their form commanded by the process. This being the case, I hope for the spectator to unfold a sensation of a ‘here and now‘ that is experienced by following the path suggested by the different fragments of an exhibition. They, quite subtly, keep questioning which overflow of ramified responsibility the being runs away from.